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New ANSI Z87+ Certified Sport Sunglasses Offer Big Safety with Small Price

  One of the five basic Human senses is NOT so basic; the eyes serve as one of the most essential organs for us to interact with the world, Protect Your Sight.Protecting your precious eyesight by wearing safety eyewear or sunglasses is crucial to avoid severe impact hazards such as blocking flying objects, dust, debris, liquids or chemicals from entering the eyes.The new series of safety sport sunglasses launched by X POWER EYEWEAR provides ANSI Z87+ certified eye protection for outdoor activity lovers without costing a fortune.


Safety Sunglasses Portfolio Designed to Meet Demands for a Wide Range of Outdoor Activities









The new lineup of X Power Eyewear Safety Sports Sunglasses includes these models:
XDI/01, XDI/02, XDI/03, XPD/001, XPH/001 and XPH/00
Variety selections function lens available as the following:
Sunny Day: Mirror-Coated lenses or smoke lenses
Night time/ Indoor: Clear Lenses or Night Driving Yellow Lenses.
All Weather Lenses: Photochromic Lenses in XPH/001 and XPH/002 only.
Biker: Polarized Mirrored Lens Safety Sport Sunglasses with Straps only available in XDI/003.


  All these products feature ANSI Z87+ certified lens and frame that are made from polycarbonate materials to resist high speed impacts to prevent eye injuries. ANSI Z87+ proves premium protection level for eyewear to reduce the possibilities of eye exposure to hazardous materials or circumstance. The standard allows users to select appropriate protector according to their demands.


XDI/002 Mirror-Coated Safety Sport Sunglasses


  The XDI Mirror-Coated Safety Sport Sunglasses are designed for daily use or moderate exercises like biking, hiking and jogging. Combining robust structure and the proprietary X Power True Vision coating technology, the sunglasses not only prevents eyes injuries caused by unexpected flying objects and UV radiation, they also reflect light instead of absorbing it to offer advanced brightness.


  With the 9-11 layers mirror-coated lenses, the X Power Safety Sport Sunglasses allow people to track objects under strong and flashing light, while alleviating eye strain.In addition, the slick sport style glasses with wrap-around design provide the widest sight coverage and protection. For owners to feel comfortable when wearing for long periods of time, the soft, anti-slip and flexible nose pads and temples were added.  



XDI/001-PCP-2 Polarized Red Mirrored Lens Safety Sport Sunglasses


  For people searching for advanced protection to avoid blinding reflected light, the XDI/001-PCP Polarized Red Mirrored Lens Safety Sport Sunglasses with Straps would be the optimal choice.


  The sunglasses have a polarized film incorporates extra layers and special filter to block intense reflected light. Lights usually travel in all directions, but when reflected by flat surfaces, they become more concentrated and pass horizontally to create disturbing glares. When enjoying the hobbies such as fishing, sailing, biking and cycling in the city or country side, it could be dangerous and annoying to be afflicted by intense lights reflected by water, mirrors of vehicles or buildings.



  The XDI/002 Safety Sport Sunglasses featuring polarized mirrored lenses help to avoid this kind of light hitting the eyes directly as the polarized lenses allow only vertically oriented light and filter the light coming from the horizontal direction. They will be your best accessory when spending time on or by the water and snow as well as other bright environments.



  Cyclists may have encountered situations when going on a cycling trip on a sunny day with a pair of sunglasses, but when passing through a tunnel or shady area the clarity of their vision will be greatly reduced. The safety sunglasses XPH are designed to prevent this scenario.


  The photochromic lenses of XPH automatically adapt the color in response to different levels of UV light and light intensity. For example, the lens turns dark when exposed to strong sunlight and becomes clear if the owner enters indoors or stands in the shade.

The color transitioning lenses frees people from repeatedly putting on and removing sunglasses when going in and out of cars or buildings.


 With the lens changing color swiftly in response to UV light, the XPH enable clear vision and prevent sudden exposure to strong light.

On top of the features, the lenses of XPH are also ANSI Z87+ rated with anti-fog coating, supporting all kinds of activities in various environmental conditions.  


ANSI Z87+ Standard and 8-base Curve Ensure Safety and Comfort

 For sport lovers and outdoor enthusiasts, wearing safety sunglasses is necessary to avoid unexpected eye injuries especially when being in wild environment. With the protection provided by the high-velocity impact resistant sunglasses certificated by ANSI Z87+, people can fully enjoy the time exploring the nature or challenge personal records even more freely.


 The recently released safety sunglasses lineups of X Power not only offers ANSI Z87+ standard protection, they also come with 8-base curve lenses.

The design is fundamental especially for eyewear as it allow the glasses to “hug” the head of user to offer wide sight coverage and protection.

The wrap-around style offered by X Power’s safety sunglasses collection promises clarity of vision and eye comfort for cyclists, skier, hikers and other outdoor sport activists.


Cost-effective Eye Protecting Solutions for Outdoor Activities

  Featuring proven ANSI Z87+ ensured safety, 8-base curve promised comfort, and polarized lens or even photochromic lens, X Power Safety Sunglasses series is the best choice for all sport lovers.

Most surprisingly, they offer premium protection with an affordable price.


  XDI-PC Mirror-Coated Safety Sport Sunglasses are available at $29; XDI-PCP Polarized Lens Safety Sport Sunglasses with Straps at $55 and XPH/002 Photochromic Lens at $69.


 These affordable safety sunglasses collections from X Power provide comparable performance and features to other products which potential would cost 5 to 10 times more.


X Power Safety Sunglasses series

Other sport sunglasses

ANSI Z87+ standard



8-base curve



Polarized lens



Photochromic lens






*Available for XDI Polarized Safety Sport Sunglasses.
**Available for XPH-PC.







  X Power Safety Sport Sunglasses support a wide range of applications for people with different needs. XDI Mirror-Coated Safety Sport Sunglasses offer basic protection for daily activities.

With polarized lens, XDI Polarized Red Mirrored Lens Safety Sport Sunglasses filter dangerous reflected light to enable clear vision for people who enjoy water and snow sports.


  XPH-PC’s light adopting photochromic lens further provide convenience and safety for cyclists and others who may be going through different places with different sun light conditions.


  Enjoy your outdoor fun to the fullest with X Power Safety Sunglasses and check for more details of our new collection of X Power Safety Sunglasses at https://www.xpowereyewear.com/collections.Also don’t forget to sign up for ou r newsletter of X Power to see the latest products and deals!  


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